Launch of ‘Mirrors – The Writing Workshop Anthology’

This was such a wonderful event. The launch of Mirrors was celebrated by all of the authors with their friends and family. Thank you to Karen Whitelaw and Diana Threlfo for their amazing editing and publishing skills and to the WEA for launching the e-book. I’m so proud and privileged to belong to such a talented writing group.

The Writers' Life

MIRRORS There’s nothing quite like the excitement and buzz that surrounds the launch of a book.

The hard work is done.

The clumps of hair you ripped out in despair have grown back.

Your friends and family are here and are incredibly proud of you even before the alcoholic punch.

And the Luminary is ready to press PUBLISH and shoot you into the world of the PUBLISHED AUTHOR.

Authors Authors

Adrienne Sims, the Service Unit Manager of the WEA, graciously launched Mirrors – The Writing Workshop Anthology. In recognition of the authors’ fine achievements Adrienne presented congratulatory certificates.

Adrienne Sims launching 'Mirrors' Adrienne Sims launching ‘Mirrors’

Sue Masens read her bittersweet story A Ship of Dreams included in Mirrors. The backdrop was her old photo of the ship that sparked the memoir.

Sue Masens Sue Masens

Congratulations to all the authors included in Mirrors. It’s a fine achievement and a worthy contribution to the world…

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The World of Writing!

I’ve always loved meeting people, listening to their stories, travelling to exotic and remote lands, making observations and taking mental notes to jot down later for my own perusal. Recently I took the plunge into the world of creative writing and discovered opportunities that I had never dreamed of. I’ve explored and expanded my usual world. I’ve delighted in crafting my words into winning stories to share with others, taking on public and media challenges and stepping out of my comfort zone. With the help and support of brilliant mentors and fellow writers I’m treading on new ground all the time. I’m definitely looking forward to the road ahead.

An Unfamiliar World – A Reflection of Travel and Writing

At four am the air is cool and the sky is dark outside. Everyone and everything is still. I can hear the soft ring of silence in my ears. I creep down to the riverbank, bare foot, clad in swimmers, and a towel wrapped around my waist. It’s a bit of a scramble and slide down the sandy bank to the water’s edge. I suspect this is what keeps most people away. But I’m determined to take a chance.

I dip my big toe in the water and recoil from the coldness. Standing idle for a short time I clutch at my towel, pulling it tightly about my body. Then I notice steam hovering in the air above the water, mysterious and alluring. I slowly release the grip on my towel and lower it from me. I paddle knee deep in the chilling water, legs burning, teeth chattering until I feel a surge of warmth. I continue in the direction of the steam, the water gets warmer; my body relaxes into the new sensation. I find the river junction where the cold stream meets the hot springs – the perfect temperature. I ease my body down and immerse myself in the warmth and the darkness.

The first ribbons of light filter through the overhanging trees. A bird chirps softly, breaking the silence. Soon many birds are calling to each other. They begin to flit, swoop and skim the water’s surface. Their coloured feathers create a kaleidoscope through the light.

Before long, ripples appear on the surface and spread outward; something stirs from deep within. A new day awakes. I walk back to the shallow edge, fling my towel over my shoulder and tread confidently up the sloping bank.