In Your Wake by Anna Lundmark

I had the privilege of hearing 22, 500 word short stories read out by experienced readers at the Grieve Live Read. I’m pleased to say that so many of my writing group members made it into the book, Anna Lundmark, Diana Threlfo, Dee Taylor and John Gallop. Congratulations! The book is well worth a read.

The Writers' Life

grieveSometimes you come across a short story that is so well-crafted, so packed with emotion, so brilliantly layered, and so creatively imagined it haunts you. Anna Lundmark’s astonishingly short 500 word story, In Your Wake, in the 2015 Grieve anthology from the Hunter Writers’ Centre is such a story.

The ruling metaphor is a hole that appears at her character’s front door. It acts as barrier for people coming to her house. She is always falling into it. All the attempts to fill it in fail. The images are of soil, plants and earth subsiding. The hole is her grief. Deeply hidden under the surface, unspoken and never directly related to, is the haunting connection between the hole and her loved one’s grave.

The final image of a plank laid across the hole is insightfully nuanced and wrought with meaning. For any writer of short short stories In Your…

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