Award Winning Australian Writing 2016

Since starting writing fiction in 2012 I’ve had some fun and exciting experiences. Awards, wins, writers festivals, hanging out with wonderful writing friends and aspiring to reach new heights in the writing world. I read winning stories all the time and I remember saying to my writing group,”imagine having your story published in Award Winning Australian Stories!” Well goal reached! Here I am. ‘The Scent of Life’ is published. Along with ‘Koi’ by Karen Whitelaw, my mentor and friend. It doesn’t get much better than that!
I hope you enjoy the stories in the book when it becomes available. Happy reading!

The Writers' Life

award front cover

back cover awaw back cover

Last Thursday I got the exciting news my story ‘Koi’, which won the Inaugural Newcastle Writers’s Festival Microlit Competition has been selected for the Award Winning Australian Writing 2016 anthology!

And to top it off a writer I work closely with, Maree Gallop, had her story accepted, too! It’s the moving story ‘The Scent of Life’ which won the Forest Fellowship of Australian Writers Short Story Competition.

The book is being launched on 31st August during Melbourne Writers’ Festival week!

The skies above Newcastle are full of flying champagne corks!

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